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Who can register .BIZ domain names?

.BIZ has no residency requirements and is open to anyone in the world to register, as long as they have a business or represent a bona fide commercial entity.

Do I need to be a business to register a .BIZ?

Yes. While .BIZ does no filtering when you register, it is possible for users to report non-business related .BIZ sites to the registry, which may lead to the deletion of the domain. You must be using the domain for a valid commercial purpose, or else a .BIZ domain may be at risk.


Product Description

An extension made specifically for business.
When you purchase a domain name for your new business, shorter is better. People remember shorter names, they rank higher in search engines, and there is more brand value. A short name is hard to find, often making people resort to purchasing a longer name. With .BIZ you can get a short name that can be the center of your online enterprise.

.BIZ makes the intent of your website clear to web surfers. Another benefit to a .BIZ extension is that it is easier to get the domain name you want. Finding a name in another extension can be a very time consuming process. With .BIZ, it is easy and fast to get the name you want with the clarity an online business needs at a low price.

Recognized as a place for business online.
Higher selection of quality names.
Greater search engine visibility.
Get the name you want now.


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